Secrets of pain free seating

By | August 16, 2015

SITWELL G. STEIFENSAND egonomic workplace seating solutions and office chairs are highly sophisticated and proven against back pain from doctors around the world.

Economically correct sitting has style. Our new …just sit well collection with interchangeable gender seating cushions makes it possible for you to create your individual sitting dream at home or in your office. Our gender and ergonomic office chairs are individually “Handmade in Germany”manufactured.

Take your best chair availableThe secret of pain free seating in Houston

The SITWELL G. STEIFENSAND ergonomic seating guarantee is the highest possible level of comfort in the seating industry. Every person sits differently. Women are especially disadvantaged on ordinary and uniform office chairs due to their breathing and biological needs “Sitting makes you ill”, and those who sit should be able to sit
especially well in order to protect their health and prevent back, neck and shoulder pain.

LadyShape up….just for Women
Women sit differently because they are biologically and anatomically different. A woman’s pelvis is flatter and wider than a man’s. Women are susceptible to lordosis, which means they need a different kind of support. Women also breathe 4-6 times more per minute than a man and have a greater need for motion in the legs, hips, and rear.

Men sit differently because they have more muscles and a different physical composition. Men have a different pelvis shape and are susceptible to humpback. The reproductive organs are on the body’s exterior and by nature are not made for heat.

Discover the new and one and only mass customized …just sitwell seating for your health and wellness at your office. If you already suffer from back, neck and sholder pain, we suggest to try the painless seating promotion from “Back Pain Relive4Live”.

Back pain is something you could be suffering needlessly –  If you have any questions regarding your back pain Click here for apain reliever.

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